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Crowley Farm

This Stretch is one of the most productive season-long stretches of the West Branch AuSable River

approximately 1.25 miles of river to an angle that includes two pools, several runs, and pocket water.  
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Daily Guide Trip Rates Private Water

Crowley Farm Lease
One of the best spots on the West Branch AuSable River.  Two great pools. Three great runs and pocket water make this stretch best
1 Angler
  • $ 270 1/2 day
  • $ 370 Full day

2 Angler
  • $ 445 1/2 day
  • $ 545 Full day

3 Angler
  • $ 620 1/2 day
  • $720 Full day

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​Pricing is the rate for a 1/2 or Full day guided trip plus $75 per rod fee for the Landowner.

Daily Guide Trip Rates Public Water

West Branch AuSable River​
1 Angler
  • $ 195 1/2 day
  • $ 295 Full day

2 Angler
  • $ 295 1/2 day
  • $ 395 Full day

3 Angler
  • $ 395 1/2 day
  • $ 495 Full day
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 Most of the access points on the West Branch AuSable River are just a few minutes from the fly shop. 

The West Branch AuSable River is a pocket-water fisherman's dream-stream, flowing through a scenic High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park that is riddled with lots of boulders and good gradient drop to help oxygenate the waters flowing around them as well as provide the perfect sanctuary for dozens of species of aquatic insects.

The West Branch of the AuSable River supports very good hatches of mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies.  Durning most hatches, the trout are willing to come to the surface, searching for an easy meal. Our local guides have put in lots of time on the water fishing our local rivers.  They know the likely places to wet a line, figured out the secrets to increasing your success hooking up with the trout. 

Our river guides can dramatically increase the learning curve, saving hours of guesswork and frustrating lost time. They are all excellent instructors, so your day on the river will be a great learning experience, not only about the river itself but also the various techniques that can be successful on the water.

If you are just getting started in the sport or will be traveling and don't want to hassle with dragging along all your gear, you may want to consider our guide trip "Package Deal." This inclusive option is only an additional $50 per day, with it we will provide the rod/reel, waders/boots, leader, and a ½ dozen flies equipment to ensure that you have the right gear and flies for the day.
Experienced angler/fly tier. Call ahead and we'll let you know exactly what flies are producing so you can be sure to tie them beforehand or bring them along.

Why use a New York State Fly Fishing  Guide

  • Learn to Fly-Fish
  • Enhance your fly fishing skill set
  • Bring your game up a notch
  • Experience choice river sections 
  • Advanced angling 
  • Groups
  • Private water guided angling

Anglers use guides for different reasons; some have never fly fished before, some just enjoy fishing with a guide, and others use a guide to get to know a fishery. 

If you are coming to the legendary West Branch AuSable River for the first time, it may be helpful to utilize one of our experienced local fishing guides. They have the skill and knowledge to help you get started, grow your skill, catch fish and enhance your overall experience.

Advanced anglers not familiar with the West Branch AuSable River watershed will also benefit by being introduced to some of the best spots, the right flies, and unique techniques. Our experienced local guides will enhance your objective to hook fish. 

  1. West Branch AuSable River Brown Trout
  2. Secret River Brook Trout
  3. West Branch AuSable River Tiger Trout
  4. West Branch AuSable River Brown Trout
  5. West Branch AuSable River Brown Trout
  6. West Branch AuSable River Rainbow Trout
  7. Fishing the West Branch AuSable River
  8. Fishing the West Branch AuSable River



Third Angler (note about)
  • Although we do have a price for a third angler, we do not recommend it, but we can occasionally accommodate 3 anglers. 
  • We don't like fishing 3 anglers to a guide on wade trips, as there is simply no way that the guide can give 3 different anglers enough time to guarantee a positive full experience for all. If everyone in the group is an experienced angler, it may work. But it is not a good idea for 3 novice anglers if you are looking to gain skill set. 
  • There is an additional $100 fee for a 3rd angler
  • The best option is to hire a second guide

Wade Trips:
  • Our river of focus is the West Branch of the AuSable River.  However, we do utilize other rivers and streams in the area based on river conditions and special requests.
  • We are flexible to your needs and will customize a trip just for you. 
  • We practice catch-and-release on all our guided trips. Together, we can preserve and enhance our valuable fishing resources.

  • Our fishing season begins April 1 and runs through October 15. We fish the waters that are fishing best at the time of your trip. The West Branch AuSable River is our main fishery and is a fabulous river for all skill levels. 

    Payment Policy: We will hold your reservation with your credit card, but no charges will be made until the day of your trip. Trips canceled more than seventy-two hours in advance will not forfeit any deposit. Trips canceled less than seventy-two hours in advance will forfeit 50% of the trip fee unless we are able to re-book the trip, then there will be no penalty. 100% charge for a no show the day of the trip. No penalty is forfeited for any trip canceled due to a serious threat of inclement weather on the day of the trip.

How to Book a Trip

  • Offered trips: West Branch of the AuSable River, Saranac River, Bouquet River, Salmon River, Chateauguay River.
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Fishing the West Branch AuSable River

Be Prepared

1. Practice casting
  • This is a no-brainer because the better you can cast, the more likely you can put the fly where the guide suggests you put it.  The three most important things that would make any guide trip on any waterway better would be casting, casting, and casting. The toughest thing to hear before any day of guiding begins is “It has been a couple of years since I have picked up one of these" while the client vaguely wiggles the fly rod. . . . All of the flies tied and articles read will never help as much as an hour spent airing out the line and throwing some yarn around at plates or hoops on the lawn. Taking the time to do this also illuminates the condition of the line and equipment a bit better than a hazy remembrance of how the tackle worked the last time out.

2. Talk to the guide about your preferences, expectations, and limitations.
  • Fishing guides can not read you mind always, and they deal with many different ability levels of clients over the course of a season. Bozeman-based Brian Grossenbacher notes "Any information the client can provide is invaluable in creating a more personal and enjoyable fishing experience. It is their trip after all, not mine. Is it important to catch lots of fish? Big fish? Lots of big fish? Do they prefer fishing dries? Streamers? Do they have any physical limitations? Do they consider themselves to be a beginner, intermediate, or expert angler? Do they prefer wade fishing or fishing from a boat?"
  • Then, reinforcing #1 above, Grossenbacher ends with, “Once we are on the same page, I would encourage them to head back outside and continue to practice their casting.”

3. Dress appropriately and prepare for the conditions.
  • Check the weather before you arrive and make sure you’ve got all the rain gear and outerwear you may need. Once out, there may be no going back. Sunblock is a must, no matter where or when you fish and remember the importance of hydration. Pack drinks and food.